The Base Label was created for a sophisticated woman who knows her values and has an eye for beautifully crafted pieces and best materials. For the woman who knows what she wants and treasures thoughtfully chosen materials, colours and shapes. The Base clothes are designed and created in Europe, from the best materials, to last a lifetime.

At The Base Label we care about the planet, as much as we care about about the people. All the clothes are safe for people and the environment, avoiding any materials that contain harmful chemicals and made through sustainable practices that reduce water consumption and waste production. Each and every seamstress creating The Base product is fairly paid and works in a friendly environment. We follow the latest and ultimate fashion trends, but we’re always remaining faithful to the classic. With that in minds we are creating luxurious staples, wardrobe basics and statement pieces that are current and timeless.

Behind THE BASE LABEL is Alja Perne, the founder of one of Slovenia’s best-known fashion and lifestyle blogs ABCSTYLE, who’s turning her passion for fashion into a business, with her own fashion label. The brand iis realising yet another dreams of her into a reality. The Base Label is 100% Alja and it’s made by woman for women.